Exo-NGS, exosomal RNA sequencing service

Next-generation sequencing (NGS), is a new technology to analyze exosomal RNA. Exome sequencing is a low-cost and targeted sequencing approach for the identification of novel pathogenic polymorphisms for the purposes of clinical diagnosis and disease research. Our exo-NGS exosomal RNA sequencing service facilitates to the expansion of your biomarker research by including exosomal RNAs.
We keep on generating high-quality exosomal RNA libraries using only 1 ng of total RNA.  Our customized laboratory and computational workflows enable the cost-effective and rapid production of informative data sets. For sequencing, we have a Thermo-based NGS system-GeneStudio S5.

Advantages of Choosing Lihan’s Exome Sequencing Services

  • Proven SOPs for sequencing specifically targeted regions of the genome.
  • Genomic DNA isolation using as little as two 20 µm sections from FFPE blocks.
  • Low sample requirements (as little as 1ng of total RNA)
  • Complete range of lab services complemented by high-end bioinformatics databases. 
  • Customized reports to meet the needs of our clients. 

    We offer various NGS-based exosome analysis services including accurate sequencing and efficient RNA microarray. A detailed list of our NGS-based exosome analysis services including:
  • Exosomal small RNA/miRNA Sequencing
  • Exosomal lncRNA Sequencing
  • Exosomal circRNA Sequencing
  • Exosomal mRNA Sequencing
  • Exosomal mRNA Microarray
  • Exosomal miRNA Microarray
  • Exosomal LncRNA Microarray
  • Exosomal ceRNA Microarray
  • Exosomal Whole Transcriptome Sequencing