Exosome Isolation

Lihan Biologics, with its expertise in exosome research, provides customized exosome isolation services to concentrate and purify exosome samples. We isolate exosomes from a wide spectrum of cellular debris and almost all types of biofluids. Our results are reliable and reproducible owing to our well-established technologies and experienced team of scientists. Isolation is done from the following sources but is not limited to:
  • Culture media
  • Plasma
  • Urine
  • Serum
  • CSF
  • Saliva
  • Plants
  • Follicular Fluid
  • Marine Organisms
We use wide range of methods for exosome isolation depending upon the requirement in terms of yield and specificity.
  • Culture media
  • Precipitation: High yield, Maintain vesicle morphology
  • Ultrafiltration (Diafiltration and Tangential Flow Filtration (TFF): Pure exosome preparations, No limit of sample volume, Reduced filter clogging 
  • Size-exclusion Chromatography: Reproducible, Preserves vesicle integrity, High sample recovery, Extremely customizable (size of pore, volume of column, length of column)
  • Ultracentrifugation: Isolation from large volumes, No added chemicals
  • Density Gradient Centrifugation (Sucrose or Idoixanol): Very pure populations (Iodixanol can separate exosomes from virions), Intact vesicle morphology
  • Immunoaffinity capture: High Purity, High Selectivity