ExoRise Kit

One limitation to using exosomes to their fullest potential is their limited secretion from cells, which constitutes a major bottleneck to efficient, large-scale exosome production. Therefore, enhancing exosome production is critical for both allogeneic and autologous exosome-based therapies because:
  • Exosome-based therapies need to be administered as quickly as possible, especially for cancer vaccination or to reduce the immunogenic effects
  • large quantities of exosomes are required for exosome-based therapies in a very short timeframe
  • Expanded exosome synthesis would allow the production of off-the-shelf therapeutics.

Different strategies have been reported to increase the production of exosomes, such as inducing hypoxia, overexpressing tetraspanin CD9, or overexpressing hypoxia-inducible factor-1α. Other upscaling approaches has involved increasing the volume of cell culture from flasks to containers, bioreactors, or hollow fibers.

We use a specific formulation that will stimulate the cells to develop and release the functional exosomes in higher quantity with superior quality at affordable lab expenses compared to conventional methods of exosomes production. This formulation contains media and/or supplements which enhance the yield of exosomes from most of the cell types

  • Cancer cell lines
  • Human keratinocyte cell lines
  • Human dermal fibroblast cell lines
  • Human gingival fibroblasts
  • Human MSCs: Dental pulp, Adipose, Cord tissue, Cord blood derived
  • HSCs
  • Limbal Stem cells
  • Dermal papilla stem cells
  • Human iPSCs
  • Human iPSCs derived cardiomyocytes.