Exosome Lipidomic & Metabolomics Services

Our exosome lipidomics and metabolomics services make it easy to expand your biomarker research to include exosomal lipids and other metabolites.
Lipids are an important part of cellular physiology. Exosomes were recently shown to have the highest lipid-to-protein ratio of all classes of extracellular vesicles. These unique lipid profiles can serve as novel circulating biomarkers, and can also modulate the function of recipient cells. Lipidomics studies of exosomes are a great way to identify lipid-based biomarkers and for understanding vesicle biogenesis and function.
Exosomes also carry a wide range of metabolites that can also be used for biomarker discovery. Metabolite profiling can be used for differentiating cellular states. Exosomal metabolites can also take an active role in the target cell, and reprogram metabolic machinery upon uptake by cancer cells, fueling growth. With the help of Lihan Biologics, you can identify and quantify lipids and metabolites in exosomes quickly and accurately.

Lipidomics & Metabolomics service highlights:

  • Discover novel circulating biomarkers
  • Learn more about exosome biology
  • One-stop design and fast profiling
  • Disease-specific biomarker discovery
  • MS data will be delivered as excel files with putative identification based on the m/z ratio of the analytes
  • Differential analysis of lipids and metabolites between treatment groups will be included in the excel files.