Exosome Manufacturing

We provide high-quality, functional, ready-to-use exosomes using any biofluid. Exosome manufacturing is dependent on the ability to produce large quantities of cells in such ways that do not alter certain cell behavior and characteristics. At Lihan Biologics we use stem cells cancer cell lines and various primary cells for exosome secretion. Larger-scale batch exosome production is accomplished by employing dozens of large (e.g., T-225) flasks, multiple stacked array multilayer culture flasks, large fixed-bed bioreactors, in stirred-tank bioreactors employing microcarriers or continuous production in perfusion reactors.

  • Culture methods: feeder cells, conditioned media, extracellular matrices, engineered cells, 2D and 3D culture models.
  • Exosomes method: vesicle and virus-mimetic, various hybrid-fusion, mini-extruder affected.
  • We also use 3D scaffolds, fiber-based packed, fixed-bed bioreactors, and Hollow-fiber perfusion bioreactors for large-scale exosome production.
  • Exosomes specifically engineered for research, diagnostic or therapeutic purposes are being designed
  • Exosomes with exogenous therapeutic or imaging agent cargo produced via chemical or physical ways.
  • Highly feasible for different production scales and purification strategies
  • Ensured high quality and consistent reproducibility.