Exosome Proteomics Services

Lihan’s proteomics services make it easy to profile exosomal proteins, whether you’re hunting for biomarkers, seeking easy-to-access information on the physiology of the parent cell, or studying exosome biology. Our customized services provide comprehensive support that includes a pre-service consultation and everything from exosome isolation to data acquisition, analysis, and interpretation. The result is high-quality exosomal proteomics data. We also support our customers to decode molecular mechanisms involved in vesicle cargo sorting, biogenesis, and protein functions of exosomes.

Proteomics services include:

  • Phosphorylation Proteomics of Exosomes
  • Label-free Proteomics of Exosomes
  • Labeling Proteomics of Exosomes

Proteomics service highlights:

  • Proprietary sample cleanup procedure reduces non-specific proteins found in biofluids
  • Both exosome total and surface protein profiling services are available
  • Data file compatibility with Scaffold viewer simplifies data mining and analysis
  • Fast turn-around times approximately 4 weeks
  • Full protocol report
  • Raw MS spectra data
  • Pre-analyzed data in Scaffold format
  • Examples: Sample Data and Experimental Report