Exosome Display

Exosome display is an innovative methodology enabling the manipulation of exosome protein content by the identification of addressing domains that mediate the specific distribution of proteins on exosomes. With years of experience in exosome research, Lihan Biologics provides exosome display services for antibody generation and isolation, targeted delivery, and protein array screens. The Exosome Display technology is very versatile since soluble, membrane-bound, trans-membrane, or multimeric antigens that are not naturally found on exosomes can now be efficiently expressed at their surface in a native conformation.

  • Exosome Display-based Antibody Generation & Isolation (ExoMAb): This technology can be used to generate antibodies against different targets such as soluble proteins, extracellular domains of the receptors, and integral membrane proteins. This technology offers possibilities for designing novel therapies and generating novel diagnostic tools.
  • Exosome Display-based Targeted Delivery: This technique is used for the targeted delivery of chemotherapy drugs and RNA therapeutics (e.g., siRNAs, miRNA).
  • Exosome Display-based Protein Array Screen: This technique is applicable for the screening of cognate ligands or small molecules.